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Cell Phones

Comprehensive benchmarking for smartphone manufacturers

Gain access to the full brand-level performance for each member of the highly competitive syndicated cell phone manufacturing industry and become an ACSI client today.


Maintaining your competitive edge in an industry characterized by its continuous innovation requires a laser focus on your own improvement without losing sight of the critical developments of the overall industry. Keep track of your exact position in a very tight race with ACSI benchmarking that provides strategic competitive data on a quarterly basis. The ACSI conducts surveys throughout the year. Our proprietary, cause-and-effect diagnostic modeling ensures that your improvement efforts are directed exactly where they will yield the highest satisfaction gains to drive customer loyalty.

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Cell Phones

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Satisfaction Benchmarks by Company

Cell Phones
First Hidden Column Company 2022 2023 % Change
0 Cell Phones 79 79 0%
1 Apple 80 81 1%
1 Samsung 80 80 0%
1 Google 77 78 1%
1 Motorola (Lenovo) 77 75 -3%
1 All Others 74 71 -4%

2023 results based on data collected April 2022 – March 2023.

Satisfaction Benchmarks by Capability

2023 Cell Phones

Company 5G Models Other Models
Cell Phones 80 72
Apple 81 78
Samsung 81 74
Google 80 NM
Mototola (Lenovo) 76 72
All Others 74 68

NM – Not measured

Cell Phone Benchmarks

Customer Experience Benchmarks Year-Over-Year Industry Trends

Benchmarks 2022 2023
Ease of text messaging 85 84
Ease of phone calling 84 84
Phone design (overall size, weight, screen size) 84 83
Variety of phone features 82 83
Video quality 83 83
Website satisfaction 82 83
Audio quality (such as music) 82 82
Ease of navigating phone menus and settings 82 82
Ease of using phone operating system and software 82 81
Battery life 81 79

Industry averages are weighted by companies’ market shares.

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