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Maintain high customer satisfaction for long‑term success

How can you keep your app on customers’ phones year after year as the industry changes? Contact us today to learn how ACSI® performance drives long-term profitable customer loyalty.


Our industry metrics capture the full rideshare customer experience – from navigating the app itself to the drop-off and everything in between. The proprietary science of the ACSI identifies key drivers of rideshare satisfaction and helps direct decision-makers to actions that yield the greatest impact on overall satisfaction.

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    2 major rideshare companies

Satisfaction Benchmarks by Company

Anchor Link Category 2023 2024 % CHANGE
Rideshare NM 76 NA
#lyft Lyft NM 76 NA
#uber Uber NM 76 NA

NM=Not Measured
NA=Not Available

Customer Experience Benchmarks by Category

Benchmarks 2024
Mobile app satisfaction 85
Website satisfaction 84
Ease of drop-off at needed location 83
Ease of identifying driver 82
Payment Options 82
Process for rating driver 82
Ride safety 82
Alerts and notifications 81
Driver courtesy 81
Ease of understanding fees 81
Process for tipping driver 81
Requesting a ride 81
Vehicle cleanliness 81
Vehicle options 78
Wait time for pick up 77
Loyalty or rewards program 75

Industry averages are weighted by companies’ market shares.
2024 results based on data collected November 2023 – March 2024

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