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ACSI Analytics

Connect Insights to Results

ACSI AnalyticsSM is a powerful tool set that enables clients to leverage the predictive capabilities of the American Customer Satisfaction Index and obtain detailed, actionable insights for improving the customer experience.

In conjunction with industry-specific customer experience benchmarks, ACSI Analytics clients are able to:

  • Determine which aspects of the customer experience are most critical for driving the satisfaction of their customers.
  • Obtain strategic insights about the drivers of satisfaction from the perspective of their relationship to customer loyalty.
  • Develop data-driven action plans to improve the customer experience and increase their customers’ likelihood to purchase again, use services again, or recommend to others.

ACSI Analytics gives clients an understanding of the broader picture of customer satisfaction based on benchmark comparisons with industry peers and competitors across standard model variables and industry-specific customer experience elements. Further, ACSI’s unique, cross-industry benchmarking capability means that clients can look outside the box of their industry to benchmark with “best-in-class” companies that they select from other ACSI industries.

With this comprehensive product, clients can use their industry’s complete database of ACSI model variables—including website and call center satisfaction—to conduct competitive and cross-industry benchmarking of the total customer experience.


ACSI Benchmarks

ACSI BenchmarksSM gives clients valuable insights for all aspects of their organization’s customer experience, along with the ability to compare results with industry peers and competitors and to perform cross-industry benchmarking with companies they deem “best-in-class” in other industries.

Global CSI

Global CSISM enables organizations throughout the world to partner with ACSI and use its powerful, scientific methodology to create customer satisfaction indexes for their own national economies, as well as benchmark with other indexes adopting the ACSI methodology.

Performance Marketing

Based on their performance, companies may earn the opportunity to use the ACSI name and logo in external communications and marketing. If you would like to learn more about program details, would like to know if you already qualify, or would like to know how you may qualify, please contact us.

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