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Food Delivery

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Many customers have multiple food delivery apps on their phones. When your competition is just a finger-tap away, how can you keep them choosing you? Become the first and only choice by consistently offering the best customer experience, bolstered by data-driven analytics.

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Food Delivery

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    Three major brands, plus aggregate of smaller food delivery services.

Satisfaction Benchmarks by Company

Food Delivery
Company 2023 2024 % CHANGE
Food Delivery NM 73 NA
All Others NM 79 NA
Uber Eats NM 74 NA
DoorDash NM 73 NA
Grubhub NM 71 NA

NM = Not Measured
NA = Not Available

Food Delivery Benchmarks

Customer Experience Benchmarks Year-Over-Year Industry Trends
Benchmarks 2024
Mobile app satisfaction 82
Website satisfaction 81
Food and restaurant ordering options 80
Ordering process 80
Payment options 80
Alerts and notifications while waiting 78
Courtesy of delivery person 77
Process for rating the delivery person 77
Process for tipping the delivery person 76
Speed of delivery 76
Accuracy of quoted delivery times 75
Ease of understanding fees 75
Order accuracy 75
Food temperature 73
Loyalty or reward program 71
Fairness of food prices 69
Fairness of pre-tip taxes and service fees 69

Industry averages are weighted by companies’ market shares.
2024 results based on data collected April 2023 – March 2024.

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